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L.A. Theatre Works


  1. Introduction to LATW 
  2. M Butterfly Series Open/ Intro/Story Recap/ Excerpt
  3. Art/Bob Balaban Feature
  4. War of the Worlds/Nimoy Feature
  5. Our Lady of 121st Street
  6. Lucy/Autism Feature
  7. Lucy :30 Promo
  8. Six Degrees of Separation/Math Feature
  9. True West
 10. Breaking the Code Series Open/Show Intro/Story Recap/Short Excerpt
 11. Breaking the Code, Short Feature
 12. Mizlansky Zilinksy
 13. Anna in the Tropics/Jimmy Smits
 14. Dinah Was/Music Feature


   L.A Theatre Works

    Hour One and Hour Two intro

   1. Mizlansky Zilinsky: Hour One
   2. Mizlansky Zilinsky: Hour Two - intro only
   DOC: Mizlansky Zilinsky Program Log
  NOTE: These two tracks are for audition use only.  They demonstrate how each hour of L. A. Theatre Works can either stand alone or be broadcast together.  Hour Two is only the first 1:35 intro and shows how the two hours would connect to each other.  Please download the Program Log for specific information about the clock of L.A. Theatre Works. 

For a complete L.A. Theatre Works broadcast schedule, click here (or a downloadable PDF).

L.A. Theatre Works will be working hard to bring the talents of Nathan Lane, Jimmy Smits, Hilary Swank, Kelsey Grammer, Annette Benning, Laurence Fishburne, Richard Dreyfuss, Mary McDonnell and more to stations and their listeners.  The works of David Mamet, Harold Pinter, Wendy Wasserstein, Tennessee Williams, Tom Stoppard, Arthur Miller, Culture Clash, and Oscar Wilde set an intimate stage for the actors and the listening audience.

Designed into two one-hour segments L.A. Theatre Works can stand alone or together as a two-hour block, providing your station top tier content with programming flexibility!

L.A. Theatre Works goes to work for stations providing station-promos voiced by the actors, celebrity interviews, exclusive website content, and hosting of on-demand streams of each episode.

to carry L.A Theatre Works

L.A. Theatre Works

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