The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work. – Emile Zola


Additional Program Archive


These programs received their initial distribution through Murray Street. Some have ended their release period, and some are available through other distributors. We’ve provide links to related sites for your convenience.

In alphabetical order:



The gracious and curious Georges Collinet takes listeners across the African continent in this public radio staple. Murray Street was proud to introduce Afropop, Collinet and Sean Barlow (aka Prince Segue-Segue) to public radio programmers and audiences in 1987. PRI International currently distributes the program.


American Splendor  

In 2003, Murray Street introduced the curmudgeonly Harvey Pekar -- champion of the prosaic, jazz aficionado and world-class cynic--to public radio. Harvey’s the subject of HBO Films/Fineline Features documentary/animation/drama American Splendor and of a Murray Street special including a half hour radio doc short segments modules and music from the film’s jazz soundtrack. Presented in association with Matthew Glass and Grand Central Marketing.

City Zoo  

Fred Miller, Bob Hinkle, and Erik Frandsen join forces to bring contemporary sketch comedy recorded with a live audience, to radio. Deadpan delivery, sophisto-looney folk songs, and hilarity in the zoo of everyday life. Two half-hour specials.(2001)

Poet's Voice  

Since 1939, the Poetry Center at New York’s 92nd Street Y has presented great writers reading their words in a continuing feast for the ear. In 1995, producer Lauren Krenzel, WNYC and host Blair Brown brought those poets to life and their words to the air in thirteen performance-documentaries. With interviews, music, anecdotes, The Poets Voice captures the heart and soul of preeminent writers of the 20th Century. Distributed exclusively by Murray Street.

Sounds of Science   

The Sounds of Science melded words, with sounds both strange and familiar to bring ideas to life. From the real music of the planets to the desert’s singing sands. Jim Metzner used his microphone to uncovered fascinating experiments and remarkable discovery in physics, astronomy, psychoacoustics and other disciplines. The two-minute daily program aired on more than 200 stations.


Selected Shorts   

Each week on National Public Radio, great actors from stage, screen and television bring short stories to life. This award winning hour long program features readings of classic and new short fiction recorded live at New York’s Symphony Space and hosted by Isaih Sheffer. Produced by Symphony Space in association with WNYC, Selected Shorts was introduced to public stations, and represented at the 2005 and 2006 PRPD conferences, by Murray Street.

Worlds of Music   

From every region, music communicates what words cannot. In the spiritual, and everyday realms, it is a universal language. In 1999, Yareli Arizmendi (star of Like Water for Chocolate) hosted a 13-week odyssey through the Worlds of Music. The World Music Institute and WNYC production featured folk and traditional music masters in live performance.


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