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Passover Dreams


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Winner of a 2006 Gabriel Award!

"If I had all the answers, there wouldn't be anything to ask, would there?"

— Albert Einstein in Passover Dreams

Fasten your seat belts and pass the chicken soup! Passover Dreams takes us from the seder table to the edge of the universe. Audio magician Jim Metzner conjures up Albert Einstein, Frederick Douglass, Lenny Bruce and host of other seder guests to plumb the depths of one of the world's oldest holidays

The Layers of Passover's Meaning
Questions are the tools that the Passover celebration offers as it urges us to dig deeper into our lives. Why is this night different from all other nights? What do we mean when we talk about the Promised Land? Peel away one layer and relive the flight with Moses from Egypt. Peel another layer and think about what that means for African Americans. Peel once more and see what it means in America today. For many people, America is the Promised Land.

A Radio Seder
Public Radio's veteran producer Jim Metzner (Pulse of the Planet)
offers a meditation on freedom and renewal marking 350 years of Jewish Life
in America. Albert Einstein joins Emma Lazarus, Frederick Douglass, two
modern rabbis (Joy Levitt and Jonathan Kligler), food critic Joan Nathan, and
the spirit of Lenny Bruce. Members of Ulster County's Actors & Writers, including Melissa Leo and Mikhail Horowitz, are featured with Charles Turner as Frederick Douglass.

Theodore Bikel hosts the program. Jim Metzner hosts our Seder of ideas, humor and music.

The Cast
Our thanks to seder guests Joan Nathan, rabbis Joy Levitt and Jonathan Kligler and, in order of appearance:

Jim Metzner -- Himself & Old Man
Roger Simon -- the Subconcious
Melissa Leo -- Gloria Silverstein, Aunt Sonya
Kathryn Grody -- the Scribe
Mikhail Horowitz -- Uncle Irv
Joe White -- Albert Einstein
Charles Turner -- Frederick Douglass
David Smilow -- Jerry Metzner, Pitch Man
Sarah Chodoff -- Jean Metzner, Emma Lazarus & Evaluator
Wiley Gorn -- Young Cousin
Jason Downs -- Native American
Chris Karczma -- Poppa

Featuring the Music of:
Travelling Jewish Theater (Golden Gate Gypsy Orchestra)
Debby Freidman, The Journey Continues
Alan Lomax archive
The Harder They Come
A Taste of Passover (New England Conservatory)
Songs of Our Fathers, Statman & Grisman
Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars Brotherhood of Brass
Natalie Merchant's "The House Carpenter's Daughter"
Matisyahu, Shake off the Dust
The Music of Pesah at BJ (B'Nai Jesurun)
Sweet Honey in the Rock
Muzsikas Maramaros

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