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A Fred Friendly Seminar:


 Fred Friendly: Propaganda, Part 1  (for audition only)

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With an unparalleled availability of information, the task of discerning fact from spin and half-truth becomes daunting. 12 distinguished panelists including, Christiane Amanpour, Bob Schieffer and former Bush policy adviser Michael Gerson confront the contexts and consequences of contemporary propaganda.

Presented by WNYC's Amy Eddings and moderated by NYU / Harvard professor Arthur Miller, the panel of international journalists, politicos, academics and legal experts considers propaganda in the context of a hypothetical struggle between "Midrainia" and "Southland." Where does point of view become propaganda?  When does freedom of expression become incitement to genocide? Compelling questions spark crackling discussion with echoes of Rwanda, Bosnia and the Congo.  Positions that seem clear in the abstract quickly become shaded by the realities of lives in the balance.  Whatever their politics, when the hour is over, listeners will emerge with new understanding and critical insight into a world confronted by propaganda.

Fred Friendly: Propaganda:



is an hour-long special.

Streaming audio of Fred Friendly: Propaganda is available at the top of this page. You can also find the program on PRX.ORG for streaming or radio broadcast quality download.

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Arthur R. Miller: University Professor, New York University; former professor, Harvard Law School; and former Legal Editor, ABC's Good Morning America



Danielle Allen: Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University, and former Dean of Humanities; University of Chicago
Christiane Amanpour: Chief International Correspondent, CNN, with two decades of experience reporting from conflict zones
Hon. Irwin Cotler: Member, Parliament of Canada; and former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
Michael Gerson: Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations; Columnist, Washington Post; and former Chief Speechwriter and Policy Advisor to President George W. Bush
Kemal Kurspahic: Bosnian journalist; former Fellow, U.S. Institute of Peace; and author of Prime Time Crime: Balkan Media in War and Peace
Steven Luckert: Historian and Curator of a major special exhibition on Nazi propaganda and its legacy (opening January 2009), United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Westley Moore: White House Fellow, U.S. Department of State; former Rhodes Scholar; and Captain, U.S. Army Reserves

Stephen J. Rapp: Prosecutor, Special Court for Sierra Leone; and former Chief of Prosecutions, United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
James P. Rubin: World Affairs Commentator, Sky News; and former Chief Spokesman, U.S. Department of State
JB Rutagarama: writer and cinematographer of Back Home, a documentary about the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and its aftermath
Bob Schieffer: Anchor, CBS’s Face the Nation, and Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS News
Scott Straus: Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison; and author of The Order of Genocide: Race, Power, and War in Rwanda


The Fred Friendly Seminar: Propaganda: Words and Actions, Context and Consequences is produced by Murray Street in association with WNYC and was recorded at the National Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The National Holocaust Memorial Museum is a living memorial to the Holocaust, inspiring leaders and citizens to confront hatred, prevent genocide, promote human dignity, and strengthen democracy. 

The Fred Friendly Seminars are round table discussions between some of the worlds brightest minds on subjects ranging from health care, ethics, and business practices, to global warming and terrorism.  These seminars originated by the distinguished journalist, are aimed to get diverse individuals to talk to each other rather than shout past each other.  Barbara Margolis is Executive Director of the Seminars, headquartered at Columbia University.

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