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Pulse of the Planet Station Support

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Here you can subscribe to Pulse of the Planet for broadcast, find press releases, high-resolution photos.

Pulse of the Planet is now being Distributed Digitally

Get Pulse of the Planet in one of two ways


Content Depot

Automated monthly satellite feed using the Public Radio Satellite System. Subscribe to Pulse of the Planet once and each month the episodes and meta-data are transmitted automatically.  This service is available to all PRSS/Content Depot subscribing stations.


Pulse of the Planet Download Application

Now you can download either MP2 or MP3 monthly programs, plus the cue sheet, as one simple zip file AND access any of the previous 14 years of programming anytime--right from our application on your desktop.  If you don't have access to PRSS/Content Depot, this is the perfect place to get your monthly audio by the planet- load.  Follow the link above, complete the sign-up and install the application.


**KIDS SCIENCE CHALLENGE PROMO** please download the .wav file to promote the Kids Science Challenge in your area.  To learn more about this new project by Jim Metzner please visit!


Fact Sheet - A bulleted list of salient program features
Industry Quotes - Find out what other hosts and producers are saying about the show
Listener Quotes - Great testimonials from enthusiastic listeners
Jim Metzner Bio - Learn more about the program's host
Press Release 1 - National Science Foundation awards grant for Spanish language version of Pulse of the Planet
Press Release 2 - Pulse of the Planet celebrates 15 years on the air



"Can you keep a secret?" - Jim plays it cool as a camel gets close

Click the thumbnail at left to download a high-resolution, 33" x 22" version of the photo (approximately 900k)


"You'll have to ask my agent"- Nobody gets closer to today's hottest stars

Click the thumbnail at left to download a high-resolution, 13" x 11 version of the photo (approximately 161k)


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