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Murray street Production:
Symphony Space Live
with Laura Kaminsky


1. In the Beginning There Was Rhythm
   (Full Pilot Program: Stefon Harris Hosts)

Artists in the lead — from jazz to electronic to classical:

Styles redefined, reclassified, reimagined,

Rendered always in the highest caliber of performance. 

Murray Street breaks new ground with the ecclectic series, Symphony Space Live. We revert to the idea that old is new again, let concerts run at their natural length and offer the series online as well as on the air.

The series features a broad range of performances captured live at Symphony Space. Jade Simmons, Les Yeux Noirs, So Percussion, Jason Moran, Patricia Barber, John Corigliano, Tania Leon and Uri Caine are just a few of the performers highlighted.

The series is a collaboration between Symphony Space (home of Selected Shorts) and the Peabody Award-winning Murray Street Productions team led by Steve Rathe with David Goren.  The programs are written by Jackson Braider. Live performance recordings by Saundra Palmer Grassi / Palmer Grassi Recordings.  The executive producers are Cynthia Elliott & Isaiah Sheffer.

Award-winning composer and Symphony Space music curator Laura Kaminsky is our host.  The first programs in the series are scheduled for release in Fall '07 via PRX, ContentDepot and a limited number of CDs. Audio for preview will be available at the end of July.

Three pilot programs featuring multi-talented jazz vibrophonist Stefon Harris as host are available for review or air. These pilots are each self contained and make no direct reference to the new programs.

PROGRAM #1 A CELTIC CELEBRATION.  It's Not Just for St Patrick's Day!
A feast of dances and songs from the four corners of the Celtic world, featuring fiddlers KEVIN BURKE, CHRISTIAN LEMAITRE and ANDRE BRUNET Irish singer KARAN CASEY and the UK ensemble called FLOOK.

"The Celts..." says Harris "may speak in different tongues, but musically they have a common language. From Brittany to Gallicia, Scotland to Arcadia and the Isle of Man to Ireland -- the people, who once ruled Europe, have also done extraordinary things with their fiddles, their pipes and their bows."

Stefon Harris explores five ways to experience rhythm, with the remarkable duo Synchronicity Plus (“George Washington Never Slept Here” ) to the young tabla player, SUPHALA, the contemporary ensemble ANTARES, UK’s acoustic band FLOOK and pianist TANYA BANNISTER.


 “Rhythm: it’s how we dance from one beat to the next.  And no musical form is better at cluing us in on rhythm than the theme and variations.  With the theme and variation, you get the tune at the top and then hear it evolve as the composer explores a variety of rhythmic and harmonic possibilities.”



The Ying Americans – The family based Ying Quartet puts the focus on new American music for string quartet through commissioned work.   The program features the Samuel Barber String Quartet the 75 year old icon of American string quartets and bright new commissioned works by Michael Torke {Tor-key} and Patrick Zimmerli {Zim-mer-lee}.



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