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Independent Minds: John Adams


Independent Minds: John Adams

Winner of two 2008 Gold "Davie" awards

John Adams was portly, balding and not particularly handsome, unlike his rival Thomas Jefferson. In the painting to the right, you can see Adams seated between Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson, who is up on his feet.

You might say that Adams was charismatically challenged – but he is remembered as one of the finest orators of his time, and a man of resolute integrity. He was an early and ardent supporter of independence, a diplomat who raised crucial funds for the American Revolution, a president who kept his young country out of war, and a chief executive who appointed John Marshall, the greatest Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.
Adams also left a unique trail of his own thoughts and trials in a remarkable 39-year correspondence with his wife Abigail, an early feminist thinker.

This spring HBO films will present historian David McCulluogh's John Adams in a seven-part dramatic mini-series.

Now Murray Street's Peabody Award-winning production team offers John Adams, a timely hour-long Independent Minds documentary, hosted by David D'Arcy with David McCullough. Public radio listeners will get a new understanding of Adams in a critical time for America, and gain insight on our present-day leaders and candidates.

Scholars, journalists, and politicos including Joseph Ellis, Cokie Roberts, Richard Brookhiser, and Gary Hart will illuminate Adams' life and times. Location segments from the HBO series will bring that time and presidency alive for listeners.

Streaming audio of Independent Minds: John Adams is available at the top of this page. After April 15 you can also find the program on PRX.ORG for streaming or radio broadcast quality download.

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Visit to learn more about HBO's miniseries "John Adams."

Writer/ producer/ host David D'Arcy is a journalist and critic who has been covering the cultural scene for NPR for almost 20 years. He is a frequent commentator on the arts for the BBC Radio program, "Front Row," and a correspondent for London's "The Art Newspaper."

Historian and host David McCullough is twice winner of the National Book Award, twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize. His book John Adams earned one of those Pulitzers and has sold over 2 million copies. In December 2006 he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nations's highest civilian award. (Photo by William McCullough, courtesy of Simon & Schuster).


Writer and co-executive producer Kirk Ellis works on a wide variety of historical topics, including Kit Carson and the Navajo Wars, Jackie Robinson, and an adaptation of David McCullough's 1776. For the ABC miniseries "Anne Frank," he received an Emmy nomination and won the Writers Guild of America and Humanitas Awards.

Senior editor Ben Shapiro is an award-winning radio and television producer, editor, and program consultant, whose work has appeared on NPR, the BBC, and CBC.

Senior producer Steve Rathe is the honored creator of NPR's Jazz Alive, Future Forward, HEAT with John Hockenberry, Jazz at Lincoln Center and the Independent Minds series.

Executive producer Matthew Glass is CEO and chairman of Grand Central Marketing, who brings nearly 25 years of marketing experience to creating integrated promotional campaigns and developing strategic partnerships for clients.

The painting "Writing the Declaration of Independence, 1776," by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, courtesy of The Library of Congress.

INDEPENDENT MINDS: JOHN ADAMS is an hour-long special.

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