The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work. – Emile Zola



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Independent Minds delves into the lives of truly unique and independent personalities. From President John Adams to comedian Peter Sellers, to the women of Grey Gardens, host David D'Arcy fully explores these characters and their lasting influence. These hour-long specials reveal the story through exclusive interviews from journalists, experts and personal acquaintances and by the end, you come to an independent understanding of these complex characters.

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Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin went from being unable to speak to becoming a spokesperson for autism.  She has shed light on a condition from the inside out.

At War in the Pacific

Bring your listeners a new perspective on the incredible sacrifice in the overlooked Pacific Campaign of World War II.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian

Behind the debates and trials is an accomplished inventor and artist; a man who never married, devoting his life to his work; and a crusader who brought us to a moral crossroads.

Winston Churchill-Into the Storm

Set your course Into the Storm, to study a man whose name is known the world over, but whose essence is lost in the fog of history.

Grey Gardens
The story of a mother and daughter who went from riches to rags. Revisit the cultural legacy of these women living outside of their high society birthright.

John Adams

An intensely intimate portrait of a founding father. A diplomat who raised crucial funds for the American Revolution, and a president who's intimate thoughts and feelings are preserved in a 39-year correspondence with his wife Abigail.

Richard Russo

Get a close-up on the creative process of transforming novels into film. Featuring John Irving ("The Cider House Rules"), Russell Banks ( "The Sweet Hereafter"), Rick Moody ("The Ice Storm"), and Susan Orlean ("The Orchid Thief/Adaptation").

Peter Sellers

A star of who gave the world characters like the laughingly wicked Dr. Strangelove, and the bumbling Inspector Clouseau. Join us as we

explore the lasting influence of a comic genius.


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