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   1. Temple Grandin - Part 1

   2. Temple Grandin - Part 2

   3. Temple Grandin - Part 3


   1. Temple's Childhood and Early Diagnosis [4:19]

   2. Temple Discovers her "Special Talent" [5:48]

   3. Temple's Professional Career [5:43]

   4. New Definition of Autism: No "Single Face" [5:21]

   5. Conclusion: Temple's Lessons and Legacy [3:54]

Unable to speak until age four and diagnosed with autism in the
1950s, Temple Grandin went on to defy expectations, becoming a renowned author, activist and expert in humane livestock design. Join host David D’Arcy on a journey into the mind of this self-described ‘anthropologist on Mars.’ Examine the world from a perspective that was once thought impossible.

Temple Grandin's own voice guides this Independent Minds radio hour,

as she is joined by her friend, photographer Rosalie Winard, and collaborator, the animal scientist Mark Deesing. Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and Dr. Catherine Johnson dissect the neurology of Grandin’s mind. Musician Pete Townsend pioneers music therapy with The Who’s “Tommy,” and actress Claire Danes addresses the challenges of portraying autism in the upcoming HBO biography of Grandin.

Through these voices and more, we see how Grandin conquered her condition and startled the world with her unique perspective and frank public discourse.



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  - Public Radio feature: "McDonald's New Farm" - An American Radio Works

    and All Things Considered production highlighting Temple's work with the   McDonald Slaughterhouse

  - BBC "The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow"

  - Rosalie Winard: Photographer and friend of Temple Grandin

  - Errol Morris: Television episode on Grandin called "Stairway to Heaven"


Support for this program comes from HBO--presenting "Temple Grandin. "

Writer/ producer/ host David D'Arcy is a journalist and critic who has been covering the cultural scene for NPR for almost 20 years. He is a frequent commentator on the arts for the BBC Radio program, "Front Row," and a correspondent for London's "The Art Newspaper."


Senior editor Ben Shapiro is an award-winning radio and television producer, editor, and program consultant, whose work has appeared on NPR, the BBC, and CBC.

Senior producer Steve Rathe is the honored creator of NPR's Jazz Alive, Future Forward, HEAT with John Hockenberry, Jazz at Lincoln Center and the Independent Minds series.

Executive producer Matthew Glass is CEO and chairman of Grand Central Marketing, who brings nearly 25 years of marketing experience to creating integrated promotional campaigns and developing strategic partnerships for clients.


INDEPENDENT MINDS: Temple Grandin is an hour-long special.


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